Re: Tank power supply weight

"Shady M's Hivh Voltage Supply" wrote:

>I'm going to have to move a 120 KV 3-phase-input tank power supply 
>out of a hospital, and I need to know what kind of ballpark weight to
>expect.  It's a Siemens, and the actual power supply is about four feet 
>2.5 feet by 1.5 feet.  It's filled with oil (obviously), so I really 
>know if there's going to be a gigantic iron block uncovered when I 
>the stuff.  I had to move a 10KV power supply once and it bent my El

So what are you going to do with it?  If you won't mind a bit of 
rewinding you could make that into quite the potential xfmr etc...

Most of those units are just as heavy as you'd think.  For that unit I'd 
guess 600-700  lbs easy.  

Some of our larger units are 1200 lbs!

If it makes you feel better I bent the tailgate on my old suburban with 
a 485 lb 25kva pole pig... :)

I think you will find a large toroidally-wound laminated steel core 
inside, with multiple input and output windings.

You will also find many other "goodies" such as high voltage bridge 
rectifier boards, 70kv isolation filament transformers,  and possibly a 
high voltage under-oil relay or two...

The newer units are switcher-based and not nearly so heavy.  I'm 
presently taking one of those guys apart, and taking pictures as I go.  
I'll post it all once I'm done. (It was still 380+lbs though)


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