Hello Listers

My name is Kenneth Cottle. Im in high school, and am working with my dad to
build a coil. Weve built one, but it doesn't work, so if you could please help
us with our design.Here are the stats for my coil, using WinTesla(by R.S.
Coopersmith). Didn't know what was nescesary, so put what Ive heard in the

	Dia. 1.5 in								Frequency: 3692.62 KHz
	Length of Winding:14 in					1/4 wave: 66.64 ft
	18 AWG								----------
	Inductance: .39 mH						Freq: 2117.44 KHz
	Self Cap: 4.73 pf						W/Top  Load Cap: 9.65 pf
	Length of Wire: 125.71 ft					1/4 wave: 116.21 ft
	Total Turns: 320

	My Primary is pretty crummy, in its accuracy as well as looks. These are the
best approximations I could make. If you could give us an Idea how you do it,
we'd be thankful.

	Inside Dia.: 4.65							SecondaryFreq.: 2117.4377
	8 AWG									Required Cap: .0006
	Spacing(average): .875 in				Total Dia: 13.44
	Total turns: 6							Length of wire: 14.21
	Total Inductance
	Transformer Input: 120 v 60 hz
	Transformer Output: 3 kV  .85 mA
	Capacitor Match: .0008 uF
	Type: Bottle Transformer, got plans from Bill Beaty's Web page
	capacitance: still to be tested

Secondary Top
	Type: Toroid							Height: 2.38 in
	Outside Diameter: 6.31in				Capacitance: 9.65pF
	Inside Diameter: 2.4375 in
Questions: What is a PFC rating?

If someone could please help me in making my TC work I would appreciate it a
lot. THANKS!