Re: Tips on capacitor and toroid design

"The aluminum air duct tubing will work as a toroid, however, the
surface is
still irregular enough to interfere with the electric field as compared
with a more expensive, smooth toroid.  If you are using air duct tubing
dryer hose, you might consider making a final overall wrap with
mylar tape.  This will present a very smooth electrical surface,
due to the thin size of the alum. tape, you must use a discharge rod to
vent the discharge off your toroid.  A direct discharge from the smooth,
thin, tape surface will damage it."

	I've had good look in "smoothing" the surface by applying several wraps
of masking tape, until it effectively bridges the gap between the
ridges.  Follow that with one layer of the aluminum tape sold with the
aluminum duct.  Gives a surface which appears smooth to the eyeball, and
is surely effectively "perfect" for TC (but not VDG) use.