Re: Holding up the Toriod?

Travis, and probably others,

How about cementing on a smaller inverted end cap (say 2 inch) on top of
your 6 inch end cap.  You might have to grind or file the 2 inch endcap to
conform better to the 6 inch end cap's top surface.

Then you can use whatever height you want of 2 inch PVC to support your
torroid.  You don't need to cement it into the 2 inch endcap, so it would
make the torroid and support easily removeable.

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> Subject: Holding up the Toriod? 
> Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 11:52 AM
> Original Poster: Travis Tabbal <bigboss-at-inquo-dot-net> 
> I just thought of a minor problem.. holding up the toriod. It's a 8" dia
> flex duct (I haven't decided on the size exactly yet). The secondary is a
> 6" PVC form with endcaps. I would preffer not to drill into the caps. Any
> ideas? :)
> Travis