Re: Hand Operated Pump

I found some pumps for sale on EBAY, http://www.ebay-dot-com/ , $200.00 and up.
Type in "vacuum pump" and click the search button, should turn up something.

>>     Has anyone on the list ever used one of those automotive brass hand
>> pumps? They are very reasonably priced at $39.99. I'm thinking about
>> one up soon as I'm getting to the point in my hobby where some form of a
>> vacuum pump is a must. Right now all I need is something that will pump
>> capacitors. It would be nice if I could a also exhaust globes, tubes, and
>> other vessells. I didn't get a chance to look at the gauge closely, and I
>> know little about vacuums at the moment. All in all, would it be a better
>> idea to get a motorized pump? I've yet to see one for sale, used or
>> otherwise.
>> Here's to another year of coiling,
>>             Adam