10" Aluminum toroid, for sale


  I have a 3" by 10" spun aluminum toroid for sale.  It has a brushed
  finish, with internally glued recessed seam for proper spark handling.
  This new toroid can be seen at my website at: 
           <    http://members.aol-dot-com/FutureT/index.html    >

   The price is $78 (includes shipping in the US).
  Also available:  1.5" by 6" spun copper toroids with brushed 
  finish.  The price is  $50 which includes shipping in the US. 
  Also available:  Spin-polished aluminum spun toroid, 1.5" by 6" dia.
  with glued recessed seam, which gives a nice visual appearance.
  Perfect for a deluxe small Tesla coil.  These are available for $35
  which includes shipping.  
  I have the aluminum 6" brushed finish type available too for
  $42 which includes shipping.  

  My Tesla research videos, tape 1 through tape 21 are also still
  available.  Send $1 for complete snail mail index.  (The $1 will  be
  deducted from the tape price if a tape is ordered.)  And soon
  (wonder of wonders), tape 22 will be ready.  These tapes are
  generally $17 each, but volume discounts are available. 

  To order, send check or MO to:
  John Freau
  49 Thiem Ave.
  Rochelle Pk, NJ   07662
  Thanks,     John Freau