Re: Questions for the simulators.

> Original Poster: "Barton B. Anderson" <mopar-at-uswest-dot-net> 
> sure most others have thought about secondary shaping, I doubt many of us
> actually gone as far as to build a coil with a shape that is something
> other than
> a cylinder since cyclinders are just plain easy to come by. I would

It's not just that - a cylindrical secondary is also vastly easier to wind.
Something I noticed the hard way, I tried to wind a flat secondary some days
ago but didn't get much of it done because it proved too hard for me. I took
the idea from Tesla's patent #649,621 (Apparatus for transmission of
energy) - in essence, two tesla coils, with both flat primaries _and_ 

I think you may encounter the same difficulty with winding any form where
the wire isn't at a straight angle to the form, unless some sort of former is
used (with flat coils), or a suitable sticky adhesive (with other non-
cylindrical coils). Otherwise you'll just have the wire slip all the time
during winding, and get a copper wire tangle instead of a coil.

My 2 (euro-)cents...