LASER optics buy to close soon.

Hi Tesla members.  Next week, the opportunity to participate in our group 
purchase of mirrors with which to build our own cutting and burning CO2 
lasers, will expire.

This group purchase is a tremendously good deal and if you ever plan on 
constructing one of these, don't let this pass you by.

This opportunity is only available for members of the LASERGROWERS email 
list and you can become a member by simply sending an email to:
buzz_ard2-at-bigfoot-dot-com and put   subscribe   in the subject then, you will 
get an email from the list automatically and you must return it to become a 

After this, if you want to purchase these optics, they are $100.00 US per 
set and you will need to send another email to buzz_ard2-at-bigfoot-dot-com with 
in the subject line and in the body, put how many sets that you will want.

There are many folks on our list that will help you.

You may want to peruse our webpage at:

Thanks everyone for letting me post this here and hope some more of you 
join us.
We really go hand in hand as many of the parts for the Tesla projects are 
the same for our CO2 laser project.

By the way, you will send your money directly to the company.

Ros/ aka Cass