Re: Capacitors

Hi Tabraze
The type of cap that you are thinking of building can get quite bulky
and the cost of all that poly and oil can add up to quite a bit.
For an example the plate cap that Brian & I built probably cost in
the region of 150 UK pounds with a value of 0.0151uF

The latest trend is the MMC (Multi Mini Cap)these are large numbers
of small commercialy brought caps from firms like RS or Farnell and all
wired together in series and then the "strings" are placed in parallel.

I`v seen two of these caps working first hand and beleve me you just
can not beat there performancy when compearing ease of build and cost.

At this years Teslathon Alex crow demo`d his coil built with MMC`s
and it`s realy kicks a**.

Alan sharp has now built an MMC and his coil is rockin.
Take a look on Alan`s web site to see more info on MMC construction etc.

Terry Fritz has done a lot of work on the MMC with the aim of reducing
number of caps.

Hope this is of some help(now you`v got even more too think about).

Cheers Mike Tucknott

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Tabraze Malik" <tab-at-malik13.freeserve.co.uk>
> Hi all, it Tabraze,
> As you all know I'm new to Tesla coils. I first began researching coils 4
> weeks ago, and I feel I am ready to build one.
> There is still some confusion over the construction of capacitors.

If at first you don`t succeed......

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