Re: Skin Effect and Electric Shock

to: Terry

One word of caution with regard to this article.  His article mentions heart
filibration at currents in the 100 mA to 1000 mA range.  Actually, the
standard is 25 mA.  Above any current of 25 mA applied across the chest
cardiac failure can occur.  An example would be a 60 mA xmfr if applied hand
to hand, ie, one hand on ground the other accidently touching the terminal
of a NST, would meet the requirements for the beginning of cardiac failure.
Of course, it does depend somewhat on your skin resistance, etc.

The bottom line is that 25 mA is the danger level not 100 mA.  This means
that both the common 30 mA and 60 mA NST can be fatal under certain
conditions.  It's best to error on the side of safety in these matters.



<<<< The cardiologist on the list suggested 1mA could kill if it got you
"just right"!!!  I would definitely not suggest "experimenting" with lethal
currents using one's self as a ginny pig!!!  - Terry >>>>

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Subject: Skin Effect and Electric Shock

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>Hi All,
> I ran across the most interesting power about skin effect and electric
>shock as it pertains to Tesla coils.  The URL is:
> www.misty-dot-com/~don/skin.html
>This paper by Don Klipstein is a definite "must read" for those interested
>in such things.
> Terry Fritz