Re: transformer question

The input of the transformers would placed in parallel.  If the outputs are
in phase, and the transformers are of equal value, and of the same make, and
model number, you can actually place the outputs in series.  What I said
about the make, and model numbers has more to do with impedance values, and
since, you always ground one side of the transformer, you would actually
ground the point you placed in series of the outputs.  This will only work
if the internal workings of the transformers are using seperate windings for
the secondarys, and not an autotransformer winding setup.  If they use an
auto transformer setup, then it be nearly impossible, and this has to do
with AC ground for the primarys.  You need isolated secondarys.  Auto
transformers would place eachother in a safe wiring condition 180 degrees
out of phase on the outputs, and that would equal 0 volts, with them doing
their internally designed current limiting.


>Original Poster: Matus <matus-at-snet-dot-net>
>I have two 9 kilovolt neon sign transformers both rated at 30 ma, is it
>possible to hook these up in parrallel to attain twice the amperage at 9
>kv?  Is this a simple question of how they are hooked up or is it either
>not possible at all or too complicated.
>Thanks in advance