Re: transformer question

    Yes it is possible to hook transformers in parallel, but only on
thursdays :) When you hook them in parallel you have to correctly phase them
or you'll have them connected in series with eachother and shorted out. If
you do that they will humm fairly loud and you'll get no output from them.
If they are the same kind of transformer such as france or whatnot then just
hook them up the same way. To check the phase of the transformer hook one
side of the out to one side of the other. then try to draw an arc from the
other 2 terminals. If you get an arc switch the primary wires on one
transformer. you should be in business then.
> I have two 9 kilovolt neon sign transformers both rated at 30 ma, is it
> possible to hook these up in parrallel to attain twice the amperage at 9
> kv?  Is this a simple question of how they are hooked up or is it either
> not possible at all or too complicated.
> Thanks in advance
> Matus