Re: transformer question

The quick answer is, yes you can parallel the outputs.  Make sure they are
phased the same (i.e. like terminal to like terminal). If they are of
different manufacture, you might have a problem, because the 9 kV and 30 mA
are just "nominal" numbers, and if they are really very different, then it
won't work as well..  That said, even if they are somewhat different, the
two will still work better than 1, just not twice as good.

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> Subject: transformer question
> Date: Sunday, August 22, 1999 2:15 PM
> Original Poster: Matus <matus-at-snet-dot-net> 
> I have two 9 kilovolt neon sign transformers both rated at 30 ma, is it
> possible to hook these up in parrallel to attain twice the amperage at 9
> kv?  Is this a simple question of how they are hooked up or is it either
> not possible at all or too complicated.
> Thanks in advance
> Matus