Computer Monitor

Hi All,
    Tonight my neighbor threw out a computer monitor because he said it was 
old and not compatible w/ his new computer. I happened to be the lucky one to 
pick it up(w/ the intentions of taking the thing apart for parts).
    I have a few questions though:
    1) What kind of Transformer does it have?(i know its probably nice since 
when I  busted it open, i saw a "Danger" sign with 25000v under that little 
lighting bolt)
    2) Now i've opened it up, but does anyone know what the xfmer is? i can 
tell the    screen tube and this piece that the tube plugs into, but i'm not 
sure what the   xfmer looks like.
    3) The most important is if this xfmer could be used on Tesla Coil 
applications,   or even jacobs ladders?
Thanks in advance.