"Part-finding" help needed

Hello All,

I have a problem with a control circuit of a high voltage
transformer. It controls the primary side of the xformer.

The control PCB contains an IC, which I canīt seem to
find any specs, etc for. The part number printed on the
IC is: SGS L120AB. The PCB controls a stud mounted
triac (45A rated). So, obviously the IC must be some
kind of phase angle cut controller (so the IC canīt be a
TBA-120, which is a FM discriminator IC). SGS probably
stands for SGS-Thompson. However, I searched their
(and other) website(s) for the part number and turned up
with zilch. Maybe it is a discontinued product. This
circuit provides very smooth control, (much smoother
than a simple triac controller), so I would like to retain it.
However, I sure would like to get some data on this IC
(just in case I blow it), so that I have an idea of how
I can substitute the IC w/o having to rebuild the whole

As this is probably on the ragged edge of being
postable (if at all possible, please DO post it, Terry,
because I am at my wits end), please reply off-list
to me at RW.Buchner-at-verbund-dot-net

Thanks for any help, you can provide.

Coiler greets from Germany,