Re: In-Line 3-Phase Variac

    What happens if you parallel the two outer windings and connect the
middle winding in parallel also but reversing the leads. As H1-H2-H1 and
H2-H1-H2. Seems to me that the flux lines should ge the oppisite directon
for that winding which would be the same direction as the other two legs. If
you just put voltage on the two outer windings in parallel won't you get the
same voltage in an oppisite phase on the middle winding? This idea is
working in my head. So will someone please tell my why I'm wrong and this
won't work. :)

> >Hi Mark,
> >
> >Your Variac looks a good find must be more than 10kVA but how to use it
> >fully on single phase is a problem.
> Thanks.
> Mark