Re: using an SS White x-ray transformer

to: John

Best to forget about using it for TC use.  The current is way too low and
the potential too high.  For small coils a single 12 kV 60 mA NST works
fine.  For medium size coils use 2 or 3 NST's in parallel.  For large coils
use a pole xmfr.

You really need a good healthy supply of current not excessive voltage to
charge your HV tank circuit caps.  Too little current and they never reach
full charge in 8.3 mSec period of sine wave.

We have several x-ray xmfrs and only use them for climbing arcs.



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Date: Thursday, August 19, 1999 4:14 PM
Subject: using an SS White x-ray transformer

>Original Poster: "John" <jbowers1-at-jnlk-dot-com>
>Hello everyone, first time to post here.  Here's my situation:  I have a 90
>7 mA transformer from an older 1978 SS White x-ray generator and I want to
>readapt it for Tesla coil or other use.  With testing using a variac and
>I've found all the windings to be functioning properly.  Here's my problem:
>transformer was operated in transformer oil originally (which had been
>out) and I've been told it is very difficult to remove all of the air and
>moisture from the tyranny upon refilling without a vacuum pump and jar.
>I don't care to invest in the expensive equipment required for the job, I'm
>wondering if I can operate this transformer at one half of its output
(50Kv, 3
>mA) either dry or just filling with mineral/ transformer oil (or even
>without vacuuming?  It was difficult to obtain this transformer and I'd
hate to
>burn it out, but I'm dying to experiment and I'm hesitant.  I already know
>not current limited and that's one reason for the variac use.  Any pointers
>would be appreciated.
>By the way, this transformer is set up kind of like a neon transformer:
>leg has a maximum of positive 45 Kv-- the other leg negative 45 Kv.
>John Bowers