Re: In-Line 3-Phase Variac

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>Original Poster: "Robert Jones" <alwynj48-at-earthlink-dot-net>
>Hi Mark,
>Your Variac looks a good find must be more than 10kVA but how to use it
>fully on single phase is a problem.


>You can use it as a current limited transformer, connect the supply to one
>leg and take the out put from one of the others.  The unused leg will be the
>magnetic shunt.  I have used a three phase transformer this way but because
>the shunt is so good you will not be able to get much power out relative the
>power rating but that could still be large from the size of it.

Interesting thought.

>Do you want to use it as a Variac or as a variable inductor.

As a variac.  Will almost certainly just use the two outer legs, which 
should easily handle up to 20-30A each for reasonable runs.

The power controller cabinet I found has a nice 3 pole-3 position 80A 
switch and I have a very nice set of 3 large inductors to run in series, 
then select between.

In addition, I have 6 x 0.15ohm (who knows how many watt, but *lots*) 
resistors which came from the same source as the variac.  I plan to run a 
number of these also in series with the load.

All-in-all, it should be a quite robust controller when finished.  Just 
need more time ....... so many tasks, so little time :-(






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