If you want to start to simulate your coil, the necessacary software can
be had here:


It is the latest trial version of Microsim.

Of course the model is here:


I know hardly nothing about this stuff, and yet find it amazing that it
is possible to model a coil.

It is possible to pick up a lot of stuff about the charging of the cap,
by simulating it, something it would only be possible with a real coil,
and f.eks. a fiberprobe (hint, hint)

Cheers, Finn

BTW, Terry has made a model for me that has 4 gaps in it, so that
multible breaks per periode are possible, and using that has shown how
the cap charges much better on the down-slope of the charging waweform,
much to learn by simulating, fer sure!

That model is here:


Cheers, Finn