Re: Danger, and I don't understand why.

Hi Michael,

Pole pigs or any BIG inductor would be no exception.  Since their short
circuit current is much higher, they could retain far greater energy!!  Of
course, all this assumes that output is at or near a shorted condition when
the power is removed.

If you go from a 60mA situation to a 300mA short, the current is 5 times
higher but the stored energy is 25 times higher!!


Hi Terry & all

Big snip ola--
> Also consider the energy stored in the transformer.  If it is a 60mA
> transformer and you happen to catch it at the peak current of 85mA.  Then
> the energy stored per leg is 0.5 x L x I^2.  It this case, 0.5 x 3711 x
> .085^2 = 13.4 joules!!  Given both legs, the neon can store almost six
> times the energy the primary cap can!  So the neon by not only be able to
> shock you but easily kill you too!!!  Dangerous indeed....
> Cheers,
>         Terry

If this true for NST`s and OBIT`S would the same occur with the
more powerfull pole pig or PT.

Also if you are using MOT`s to limit your pig could thay retain
a residual charge on there windings.

Thanks to all for making Tesla coiling a safer hobby.

Mike Tucknott  
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