Fiberprobe PCB bulk order


I am going to have some circuit bords for Terry`s fibre-optic probe
system made.
(Terry delivers the film, I do the footwork) :-)

If any of you wish to build such a system, now or in the future, this is
the time to indicate interest.

I will have them made at a local shop here in town, and want to know,
whether I should get a price-quote based on 10 or maby 50 sets.

I don`t know the price yet, but if you are interested, drop me a line on


with "Fiberprobe PCB bulk order" as the subject, then I`l get in touch
with you privately, to keep the traffic off the list.

Boy! wouldn`t you just love to see the voltage and current waveforms in
your primary circuit? before (and after) you alter the RSG timing?

Let`s join in an attempt to better the documentation of our coil`s
behaviour, based on measurements!  :-)

Cheers, Finn Hammer