Re: TC measurements with LCR meter

to: Andy

Trying to accurately measure the Lp (pri inductance) is very difficult at
best).  We usually just measure the cap value and the resonant freq of
primary, and then calculate the pri inductance from the equation.  Much

Most LCR meters will measure the pri cap accurately and also your secondary
inductance.  Again, measure resonant freq of sec coil and then calculate the
distributed capacitance.

Also, see the archives for method to measure the coeff. of coupling, k.
This is very important for efficient operation and to prevent damage to your
primary components from kickback.



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Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 7:25 PM
Subject: TC measurements with LCR meter

>Original Poster: "Andy Cleary" <gemware2-at-dreamscape-dot-com>
> In trying to improve my Tesla Coil I thought that it would be a good Idea
>to actually measure each component in the TC and find out if it is anywhere
>near the value that it should be, and then correct it.  I purchased a
>multimeter, the Protek model 506 with capacitance and inductance, but
>unfortunately the range wasn't good enough.  Now I am in search of a good
>LCR meter to do the measurements, but before I buy one I was wondering if
>the components can be measured accurately for tuning?  Also, what ranges
>would the meter need in order to test each component (primary coil,
>secondary coil, capacitor, etc.)?  Thank you for any replies,