Re: TC measurements with LCR meter

Try a DMM-20 for $74.95 from Alfa Electronics at  www.alfaelectronics-dot-com
(their phone is 800.526.2532). Measures 1 pF to 20 uF and 1 uH to 20 H.
BTW, this outfit has a lot of DMMs of all sorts at reasonable prices
(including clamp-ons).

Ken Donnell

> Original Poster: "Andy Cleary" <gemware2-at-dreamscape-dot-com> 
> 	In trying to improve my Tesla Coil I thought that it would be a good
> to actually measure each component in the TC and find out if it is
> near the value that it should be, and then correct it.  I purchased a
> multimeter, the Protek model 506 with capacitance and inductance, but
> unfortunately the range wasn't good enough.  Now I am in search of a good
> LCR meter to do the measurements, but before I buy one I was wondering if
> the components can be measured accurately for tuning?  Also, what ranges
> would the meter need in order to test each component (primary coil,
> secondary coil, capacitor, etc.)?  Thank you for any replies,
> -Andy