Flame discharge from Tesla Coils... actual fire!


I tried hooking up some old rare-earths arc carbons in place of the usual 
discharging standards on my horizontal mounted bi-polar Tesla Coil, and when 
I approached them to within an inch or so, sure enough the discharge 
appeared as a hot flame.  This likely has to do with the rare-earths 
elements embedded in the core of these carbons.  In arc lighting, these 
softer cores stabilised the arcs, and required less currents.  They flamed 
causing hotter air and a longer arc length.

The short flame above was very hot, caught some wood on fire instantly.

Now, I was running this coil at low NST power, but I can imagine a Tesla 
Coil driven from a pole pig or potential transformer, (perhaps at least 1000 
watts) and two dischargers hooked to the Tesla Coil in the same fashion == 
the output would surely be a longer flame [with more current in the 

Now thinking of that, I am imagining an electric source of fire,
"bi-polar fire".  How about a high power horizontal mount Tesla Coil that 
forms a 12" or 24" flame inbetween the terminals?  The rare earths would 
volatise and keep the discharge hotter and hotter, the flame elements in the 
carbon's core making the fire...

Comments?  Anyone try this?

Sounds fun to me!  Perhaps there could be a ground terminal in the middle of 
the discharge with a 16 ounce Porterhouse??  Pittsburgh style!

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