Primary construction

I just went out and bought 100feet of 1/4" copper tubing for my primary, my 
TC is run off of a 7.5/30 NST and I have 4 strings of 10 capacitors at 0.05uF 
1kv each (that gives a final rating of 20kv -at- 0.01uF), I'll be using a 6" 
secondary ~25"-30" length so to achieve resonance I'll need something in the 
area of 14 turns in my primary (given a spacing of 1/8" between each turn) I 
was looking into possible frames to put the primary on and realized I might 
have a slight problem. I don't have a drill press or a table saw, anything I 
build is done with a hand held drill and a circular saw so obviously it's 
going to be rather hard for me to get the holes drilled with anything near 
precision and then trying to cut along the holes would be next to impossible 
to do without ruining the entire structure, any suggestions or alternate 

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