Re: something VERY WEIRD and re to Re: actual measurements & pictures of the TC in action

Hi Stan,

At 06:44 AM 8/8/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Original Poster: Stan <sdarling-at-columbus.rr-dot-com> 
>Terry, thanks for the reply.  So then was it sheer luck that my DMM came
>so close to what wintesla predicted for Lp?  Supposedly the range of the
>27x for L is low enough to accurately measure the primary L.  Certainly
>the other info explains the other readings I got that didn't make
>sense.  Wish I had a couple G's to plunk down on a scope and the like :(

Often you can find things used at ham fests and such for far less money...

>I was shocked by the EMMC reading as well! I will keep a close eye on
>this value.  I ran my coil today for 30 minutes with very little rest
>time and the caps are still great! I am even running my gap a little
>wider than will normally fire with just the NST in the circuit...which I
>assume means the caps are seeing a little more than the 12kV rating of
>the tranny.
>While I'm talking about weird things, I had something REALLY weird
>happen today.  I am running my gap across my NST.  The wire from the one
>end of my EMMC to the primary was 10 AWG.  I had some 8 lying around and
>decided to see if it would make any noticable difference.  So I replaced
>the 10 gauge wire with 8, of exactly the same length.  I routed it as
>close to how the old one was as possible.  When I fired up my coil,
>spark length started at a puny 8-10" and immediately dropped to tiny
>little ones less than .5" long.  Of course this happened before with my
>two-bolt gap, but my newer gap has shown no signs of that, even after 5
>or longer minute runs.  I let the coil sit a while, came back, and still
>the same.  I then immediately replaced the 8 gauge with the old 10, and
>voila, back to the old performance.  While the "problem" was easily
>fixed, its cause has me super curious.  Any thoughts?

Could the insulation on the cable be bad and arcing to the floor or
something.  Perhaps it has an internal break...