Re: More RFI filter testing...

Terry Fritz wrote:

> My latest theory of the minute is....
>         The pulse seems completely unrelated to the primary coil or other
> parts.  It appears that the pulse is caused by the actual arc at the spark
> gap.  The heavy wiring in that area, just serves as an antenna to transmit
> these 1GHz+ signals.  I suspect the gap stores energy as capacitance across
> the gap.  When conduction starts, the arc becomes a super high power high
> frequency transmitter for about 20nS.  Apparently, this initial arc can
> occur by itself without starting the primary circuit into conduction.  Ie.
> it can occur so fast the primary circuit will be unaffected by the fast
> local arc of the gap.  I must assume this is common to any spark gap system
> and not just Tesla coils. 

Try ferrite beads around the primary conductor, as close as possible
to the gap.
Experimenting with electrostatics, I have noticed a similar phenomenon.
When a gap is not close enough for "solid" sparks, "weak" sparks can
they do not discharge the terminals completely, have a "pof" sound, and
are visible in the dark as "plumes" attached to the positive terminal.
Do your measurements show a drop in the voltage across the gap terminals
when these bursts occur?

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz