Re: New type of TC RFI filter

    I had often wondered what capacitance the primary might have. It
seem like it should if the secondary does. It look like to me that your
use the coax as a capacitor. Thne placing 2 caps in series across
the primary with a center ground. Basicly bypass caps to dump the
hi freq to ground?
Austa la taco,
> Hi All
> Tonight while trying to get my spark gap model to fit real measurements
> (not quite there yet :-0), I think I found what causes those giant current
> spikes.  Also, I think I have a way to eliminate them now.
> It appears that the primary coil has self capacitance just like the
> secondary coil.  The space around the primary becomes charged and stores
> energy in the form of capacitance.  For my coil, I measured this
> capacitance as 38.9pF.  At 21kV that works out to only 0.0086 joules of
> stored energy.
> However, one may be able to make the high frequency filter with just two
> pieces of heavy (like RG-8) coax.  The circuit would look like:
> www.peakpeak-dot-com/~terryf/tesla/misc/coaxfilt.jpg
> Two x 2-foot long sections of RG-8 coax would be placed in-line with each
> lead from the spark gap to the primary coil.  The coax shield would be
> grounded on the spark gap end and left open on the primary end.  The
> connection between the two coax cables would need to be very good!  They
> would also need to be grounded to the local system ground but with less
> This may really help those that are having problems with RF noise...
> It will take me a day or so to test this out, but I think it will work.
> Any comments or suggestions are welcome...
> Cheers,
> Terry