Tesla/Laser GEEKS... ATTN.!

<<< Although the Tesla list is not about lasers, I try to let people know
about other subject lists as they pop up.  I "grilled" Ros over this post,
but he and the CO2 laser list are legitimate and all despite the "sell" in
this post promoting their group buy of some laser stuff... - Terry >>>

Okay Laser and Tesla Geeks!

We laser geeks have negotiated a DEAL for a complete set of optics in which 
to build our co2 lasers of appx. 50- 100 watts, capable of burning and 
cutting some materials.

The price for this set of optics is, (are you ready for this?)  $100.00 
u.s. !!!!!!!!!

This is an unheard of price for a complete set so, those of you that have 
not yet subscribed to our laser construction email list, please do so by 
sending an email to :
buzz_ard2-at-bigfoot-dot-com and put    subscribe    in the subject line and then, 
return the email that the list will send to you.

Then, after signing up to the list, please indicate your FIRM commitment to 
purchase x number of sets of optics for $100.00 per set by sending an email 
(AFTER MEMBERSHIP CONFIRMATION) to the list address (buzz_ard2-at-bigfoot-dot-com) 
with "OPTICS PURCHASE" in the subject line and in the body, indicate how 
many sets you want.

Now, I know this is a bit convoluted but if you can't follow these 
directions, you would have long since killed yourself with your Tesla coils.

You will be held to this commitment and embarrassed constantly and spat 
upon if you don't follow thru with your pledge.

Come join us and be a real weirdo geek with both a Tesla coil and a CO2 
burning, cutting laser.

Thanks for your list, Chip.

Cass - laser list 'grunt'.