I read your "Modeled and Actual Voltage and Current Waveforms within a Tesla 
Coil" paper....read it several times actually. I was particularly impressed 
with your measurement system, looks like you've got some nice equipment 
there. I do have a few questions to run by you though, mostly about the spice 
schematic of your TC. There is a resistor labeled Rac with a 0.5 value right 
after the ac input, what is the purpose of this resistor, and is it standard 
to all TCs or must it be measured for each? Next you have two resistors 
labeled Rni1 and Rni2 with 0.12 values, I have the same questions about 
these, what is their purpose and are they standard or measured? I assume they 
have something to do with the resistance through the primary of the NST but 
I'm not sure. Speaking of the NST I noticed it's a 15/60, I power my unit 
with a 7.5/30 what would I need to modify from your schematic to get the 
correct values for mine? And just how did you figure out the coupling, L1, 
and L2 values for your neon? Overall Tesla Coil simulation looks to be very 
promising, perhaps it will shorten the trial and error part of TCing by an 
hour or two *lol*

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