Re: Spark Gap Losses And Thoughts...and more Thoughts...

Bill the Arcstarter!

>Properly applied - using a nonlinear arc oscillator should work, as out 
>ancient predecessors were able to construct CW units of 100KW delivered 
>power using only the most primitive equipment! :)
>At one time I'd started a Poulsen arc page, which is at:

Mention Bill The Arcstarter and carbon arcs immediately come to mind!
You've done some great homework!

I see you've found a source.  Please do send me clearer drawings of the 
original paperwork, so that I can get the blue-print type information.

I am ready to machine one!!  I've been waiting a long time for actual plans 
of one of these "singing arc" type circuits...  I have many descriptions, 
even wiring diagrams, but NO real information concerning the actual 
phyisical construction, and electrical values!

This is a brilliant find!!  I intend to build one, mark my words!
Time for some real fun!


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