Re: Some different style Tesla Coils; pictures...

(big snip)

>Also pictured is my odd invention of a "wall-mount Tesla Coil", original
>Behary fire-hazard and OSHA disapproved.  Currently owned by Charles Brush.
>(Charles, if you are reading this, I have some arc carbons for you...)
>Jeff Behary

...and a it's indeed a fine piece of craftmanship!  My family gave it to me
as a birthday present, and it works particularly well with a little
Geissler tube I have.  Jeff does nice work.

On a related note, I am currently reworking my pig-powered 6" coil with a
new primary design and supply system (77" spark output has been about its
max).  With the recent delivery of some 12" and 18" diameter PVC air duct,
the sparks should really be flying later this year.


Charles Brush