Re: Pole Transformer Basics

>> Dear List,
>> I've been studying pole transformers in my area, and I've got questions.
>> Some pole transformers have two identical HV bushings.  Others have a
>> single HV bushing on top, with a second bushing hung outboard on a bracket.
>>  I'm guessing that I'm seeing single ended & double ended transformers.
>> Is one kind preferable to the other for coiling?
>> Why would a power company use both kinds?  Why not just use all the same
>> Just wondering.
>> Greg


I think Rob Twidle provided a good explanation of how double and single
bushing pole transformers work.  I just wanted to add that the the second
bushing "hung outboard on a bracket" that you described may well be a
lightning arrester.  These are often attached this way, and look just like
another bushing.  You see them all over.


Charles Brush