RE: Sneak Preiew: Rotary Gap W. adjustable electrodes

In response to the slippage concern, you might be able to calculate out a
given degree distance based on the size electrode you're planning on using,
and and partial drill a hole.. ie like a notch and fix it in place using a
lock down screw . Just a thought....

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Looks interesting and practical, but I have 2 qeustions - how would you
ensure that there is no slippage? Even the smallest amount might throw the
rotor dangerously off-balance. That given, initial balancing should be
simple though. And how will you get the clamps over that rim on the rotor
in the first instance? I'd be interested in any easier way to set things up
for a rotary than having to go to a machine shop.

Alex Crow

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Subject: Sneak Preiew: Rotary Gap W. adjustable electrodes
Date: 30 July 1999 23:50

Original Poster: Finn Hammer <f-hammer-at-post5.tele.dk>


I have been pondering the possibility of designing a rotary-gap rotor,
that would be segmented to allow pass-trough electrodes, and where the
electrodes were fixed in removable clamps, which could be fixed in any
angular position. So that it would make no difference where on the disk
it is put.

The results of my visualisation kan be viewed here:


This shows one of the electrode-clamps, positioned with it`s " T " -
shaped slot locked around the rotating disk`s equally dimentioned male
representation of a " T ".


Basically this is a slight shift of the camera`s axis, and zooming out
to show the total disk, with several of the electrode sub-assemblies in
random position.

I will appreciate feedback from seasoned rotary-users, like for example
answer this question:

Do you think it can do something you wish you could do ?

Cheers, Finn Hammer