Re: Sneak Preiew: Rotary Gap W. adjustable electrodes

Hi Finn,

	I thought that I would mention one detail about rotary gaps.  They
actually fire about 0.75 mS sooner than when the gaps actually align.  This
is due to the high voltage arcing when the gaps are about 3/8 inch away.  I
have a scale on my motor so I can read of the exact firing angle.  I have
to add the 0.75mS delay to my calculated optimal firing time.  Not a real
big deal but if you are getting down to splitting hairs with gap timing you
should take this into account.

	I made the scale with rulers, calculators, timing light...  And taped it
onto my motor.  I can easily set the timing now by simply turning the motor
to the desired time delay(there is a mark on the gap frame).  This may be
something that would be very useful for your gap too.  I can provide more
details if needed...



At 06:54 PM 7/30/99 +0200, you wrote:
>I have been pondering the possibility of designing a rotary-gap rotor,
>that would be segmented to allow pass-trough electrodes, and where the
>electrodes were fixed in removable clamps, which could be fixed in any
>angular position. So that it would make no difference where on the disk
>it is put.
>The results of my visualisation kan be viewed here:
>This shows one of the electrode-clamps, positioned with it`s " T " -
>shaped slot locked around the rotating disk`s equally dimentioned male
>representation of a " T ".
>Basically this is a slight shift of the camera`s axis, and zooming out
>to show the total disk, with several of the electrode sub-assemblies in
>random position.
>I will appreciate feedback from seasoned rotary-users, like for example
>answer this question:
>Do you think it can do something you wish you could do ?
>Cheers, Finn Hammer