I downloaded the MicroSim programs from Orcad today, and after installing 
them and playing around for a while I have come to the realization that I 
have no clue what to do with these programs. They look like they could be 
useful but I don't know how to use them so that doesn't help much. I thought 
the schematics section of the programs was particularly interesting but the 
parts that are listed in that program have little use in TC application and 
many parts that would have use are simply not there. Is there anywhere I can 
download parts libraries for this program that include TC parts such as 
variable trans, RFI line filters, spark gaps, and a number of other parts 
MicroSim doesn't have? And more importantly than that, what do I use these 
programs for now that I have them....and how? I hope this email makes 

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