Re: New parts / Looking for these components...

    You should looks for MOT's, microwave oven transofmers, for this voltage
current combo. They are usually 2Kv-2.5Kv and can round 300-500mA with
proper ballesting. I'd use voltage doublers on them to get the voltage up
tho. With just one 2Kv MOT you could get 5656v, or 11,312v with 2 doubled
in series. You can even use the diodes and caps in the microwave for the
doubling circuit. best of luck.
> I am looking to acquire some form of surplus transformer,
> about 3000V, (anything 1kV-6kV) high mA's.  I am wanting it for a Tesla
> Coil, a small high current coil...
> Have managed to packrat some 2000V .0062 mfd caps, about 100 arc lamp
> carbons, and a dozen or so pounds of 1/8" thoriated tungsten!
> Jeff