Re: coax braid vs. solid conductor, was coil pictures ando

Hi John,

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> I remember you did those braid vs. other conductor tests.  In your
> opinion, how much spark length would be lost (ballbark) by using
> coax braid instead of copper tubing or solid wire of the same diameter
> in a typical TC that gave a 36" spark, and used about 15 turns on 
> the primary?  Figure 120 bps sync operation if it makes any difference.

I admit not being able to quantify it off the cuff. All I can say is 
that power being lost in the braid is not available for spark and 
the loss is significant enough to make the braid too hot to touch in 
a medium sized coil. If you like, I would be prepared to build a 
braid primary and compare it with a copper pipe primary of comparable 
diameter. It would be interesting to get a direct comparison for sure.
Don't ask me when but it will be done.