Re: power output??

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: bhelms-at-dialpoint-dot-net (Brian Helms)
> I have two 1.5 kw 70:1 transformers running off of 120 and pulling about 30
> amps.  I use saltwater capacitors and a static gap with about 15 or so
> breaks with 1" diameter pipe.  My secondary has 800 turns around a 3" piece
> of pvc and stands about 2.5 ft tall.  The primary is a flat pancake type
> with about 10 to 12 turns.  I am getting controlled arcs at 15" and 20 to
> 24"  streamers.  All of the coils that I have seen on the internet running
> this kind of power have twice or more the legnth of the arcs that I am
> getting.  What is possibly causing it to lose power?  Is it the gap?  Could
> the two transformers be putting too much of an inductive load on the mains
> making the pf go down?  Need help from experienced coiler.
> Thanks,
> Brian Helms(KD4RLD)


Salt water capacitors are very lossy. While they are inexpensive and
easy to build, much of the energy that should go into making longer
sparks ends up heating your bottles and making corona around your
capacitors. Switching to a homemade polyethylene capacitor will make a
significant improvement, not only in the length of the streamers but
also in the character of the sparks themselves. Also, you didn't
indicate the type of ballast you were using... an inductive ballast will
also provide much better performance than simple resistive ballasting
(i.e., oven elements). 

-- Bert --