833A tube coil

From:  Pete [SMTP:casius-at-cyberserv.co.za]
Sent:  Friday, May 29, 1998 1:55 PM
To:  tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject:  833A tube coil

Hi to all,

Fired up the beast again. This time no funny noises. Ran the unit for 3
minutes. It just "purrs" away merrily. Definitely getting a +/-300mm
discharge with 2000VAC supply voltage. The discharge is several long
spiky flames. Mostly yellowish at the start and ending up bluish violet.
Must say looks pretty impressive.
The wide gap variable capacitor I use for fine tuning does not arc
accross the vains when the unit is in tune, There has been an occasional
arc when I first fired the unit up and tuning was not optimum. the vain
spacing is 2.5mm. The variable range is 5 - 300 pF. The 4 amp variac get
a bit warm and may be doing some current limiting. The anodes glow a
pale orange colour, not red so as to cause concern. I'm not sure how
"red" the 833 anodes can glow before any damage occurs.
A spaecial thanks to Chip Atkinson for introducing me to the list. I
have made quite a few new coiler friends. The schematic I used is also
very much in demand. Must have sent it to at least a dozen coilers so
far. I feel very honored.
Trying to get a second 12/30 NST for marry up with my existing 12/30
NST. Would like to fire my 4" x 19.5" NST unit up with 60mA. So far my
833A unit is more impressive than the NST unit.

Regards to all
South Africa