1/4 Wave Theories [word97 ?]

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At 11:17 PM 28/05/98 -0500, Terry wrote:

>It can be found as a web page and WORD97 zip at:
>	This paper describes measurements of the top and bottom currents in a Tesla
>coil secondary inductor.

This stuff is interesting Terry, and I am sure many of us would like to
donload the file and study at our leasure, however Word97 in not a
particularly "universal" format :-(

This IS NOT and anti-Microsoft post.  I use Word95, as I work in a
govermental institution and this is our standard, thus I use this at home
for compatibility.  One of the irritations of MS is the ever changing file
format standard.

Might I suggest you "Save As" in RTF format (rich text).  This can be read
by any Windows based, or MAC based wordprocessor, and would greatly assist
propogation of your work !!!!

( At the moment, my dad is getting irritated by the recurrent requests ....
please download this <#####>  convert to Word95 & send back )

Just a thought ;-))


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