Drilling Stainless Steel

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> Subject:  Drilling Stainless Steel
>  If anybody has any better ways to drill nice
> holes through this stuff, I would love to know about it.
> Thanks,
>         Terry Fritz

Stainless is, as you say, not fun to work.  Suggest you try tungsten carbide
drills.  You won't find them at your local hardware store but you should be
able to get them from or through an industrial supply.  They are not cheep and
you need special grinding wheels to sharpen them.  Those are also available at
an industrial supply.  I have never tried it, and have no idea if it would
work, but carbide tipped masonry drills are available at most hardware stores.
Masonry drills are limited as to size and the grind (shape) may be totally
wrong.  Carbide is brittle but as a tool tip for cutting hard stuff it is just
under a diamond.