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> Bart,
> Thanks for the kind words! And, congratulations - it sounds like this is
> the first time this coil was actually in "tune" and operated under full
> power. From the description of the way the arcs flare out from the
> toroid then arch back to the strike ring, it also sounds like you've got
> the E-field shaping set up properly. Way to go, Bart!
> Now all you need to do is take some pictures to share with us! :^)
> -- Bert --

Thanks! But full power isn't quite there yet. I still need to upgrade my
breakers. Regarding the E-field, I think I could stand a better & bigger toroid.
Currently the toroid is at 6.6" x 29.5" at 32.2pF (calc.).  I think possibly
nearing 10" x 40" or so might do a bit better. Also, I did take some photo's
when I was running the coil in the garage (prior to tuning). Out of a 24
exposure I managed 7 pics which of course I put up on my web page. But, in these
pics, what stands out the most is that the toroid breakout was *always*
protruding from the same point indicating early breakout from imperfections.
Please note, these were at low power and not in tune so these images don't show
what I accomplished last weekend. But if anyone is interested, the url is

Your definately correct that I do need to get some pics of what I accomplished
last weekend! However, I may need to get a different camera. On my last pics, I
used a camera from work and although I took great care of the camera, I goofed
and installed *slide film* into the camera after. Needless to say, the Marketing
Dept. was taking pics of a system shipment and found out after the fact that I
had installed slide film. They were not happy (but nothing a cake, cookies, or
some kind of goodies can't take of). Regardless, I do need to pick up a camera
capable of shutter variation, at the least. Anyway, as soon as I get some pics
of this coil in it's current condition and at full power (or near) I'll post
them. I am currently beginning cap heating test vs. run time.