uk Teslathon - bits for sale

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Subject:  uk Teslathon - bits for sale

Greetings All

Richard Craven and others will have some bits on sale, at the UK tesla
thon - there will be a few tables out for bring and buy.


See you Saturday  in Corby - 11am come earlier if you have setting
 up to do!

>Could you forward this e-mail to all those who are attending? Thanks

Here is a list of bits that I can bring in order to sell or swap. The
reason I want money for some of them is merely to recover some of the
cost I originally laid out when collecting all the components. None of
it is guaranteed, just like when I bought it, but most of it has had
power applied and has thus been seen to be OK.


Wego type 2341 0.6uF -at- 12kVdc discharge use
these are coaxial caps, in cylindrical Tufnol cases, 6" dia x 6" tall.
Connections are 1" brass inserts with holes threaded for 3/8" BSF, if
i remember correctly.

I have 7 of these: six are assembled into two banks of 0.2uF each -at-
36kVdc. The idea is to symmetrically charge them so that the total cap
is 0.1uF -at- 72kV

They are definitely OK for pulse usage, and they are almost certainly
extended foil construction. I will sell  a single assembled stack for
70, or the pair for 120. Note that this gives you a better cap than
a single 0.1uF CP device, since the total rating is 70kV across the
stack pair.

These caps have been tested in a 3kW 10kVrms TC and worked well

Dubilier HV filter caps
there are three of these units: each is a 9" x 9" x 4" box, containing
3 lots of 0.025uF -at- 9kVrms, commoned to the case. They came out of a
radar modulator and were smoothing caps. OK for short duty runs where
the rms current is low. Selling them for 20 a go.

1 off 0.0003uF cap, rated for RF antenna work at 500kHz to 1MHz at
7.5kVrms (note: rms not DC!)
this is in a box which is 14" x 9" x 10" with a pair of isolated HV
glass terminals. I haven't used this but I intend to use it in a 2kW
system, if noone buys it for 50


10kVrms 5.7H 1A charging inductors and various similar values. All in
oil-filled (heavy) cases, all about 10" x 12" x 12". Selling for 40 a

950uH 80A rms mains current limiting inductors. Three of these,
selling for say, 50 a go.


5-0-5kV 18mArms ignition transformers. I have 12 of these, mounted and
phased in banks of 3 or 6. All were used in my original 3kVA system,
and all work OK. 5 per transformer, either individually or left in
bank form.

De-potted NSTs: 10kV at 40mA from memory. I have a couple, I think,
which are intact. 5


virtually synch. 3000rpm motor, 115Vrms input (use a variac etc.)
10" rotor containing 12 off s-s pegs of 5/8" dia each
4 stator gaps consisting of Al heatsink cylindrical blocks, 2" dia x
2" tall, with bore-fitted 5/8" s-s rod elements.

The balancing cost me 25, the disk machining and pegs cost me 80 and
the stator gaps/baseboard cost another 90 (total manuf. cost was
approx. 200).

I am selling this because I have access to tungsten carbide and
elemental tungsten, and I want to design a 10kVA gap which will do for
magnifiers. I am building a new RSG at work, so i don't need the
abovementioned one. It is OK upto around 3-5kVA according to the likes
of RWS, RH. Selling for 100


1 off 12" grey PVC pipe (no carbon content for those who worry) which
is around 48" long. 5 or so
1 or 2 off 10" HDPE pipe, something like 40" long (yellow gas pipe)
5 or so

Note that these items are heavy: if you want to buy them, let me know
and I'll bring them along. If you are genuinely interested, but then
change your mind, don't worry about it. There's no obligation to buy,
if it turns out that, for example, the caps or charging L's are bigger
than you thought and your wife would kill you etc.!

So, if you want any of these, e-mail me. I might not want to sell all
of the bits anway, but I like the idea of recovering some of my costs
whilst helping out with a few difficult to get bits. I am selling them
to pay for my on-going developments, not to fleece anyone.

I want a couple of transformers: say, a couple of 2kV MOTs or a couple

of 10kV 100mA NSTs. I also would like a 3CX1000 or similar power
triode/tetrode etc. for messing around with class C valve TCs.

Finally, i will bring along a dozen books for people to photocopy
on-site. The list is rather long to type in, but basically, I've got
most books that are relevant.

Martin Dale is attending and might bring a couple of 8A variacs, going
for something like 15-20, and a 5kV 100mA NST for a tenner.