WinTesla Ver 2.0

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At 11:25 PM 5/27/98 -0500, Scott wrote:

>In an attempt to further my programming knowledge and contribute to the
>experimenters with ozone fever, I am working on WinTesla Ver 2.0 using
>Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0.  Version 1.0 was built using Borland Delphi Pascal.
>I am planning to add a edit box for adding comments on a design, and some
>other user donated enhancement ideas I've been collecting for the past few

You are a sucker for punishment.  Stick to Delphi ...... it will be a whole
lot easier ;-)

(yep, I am a HUGE Delphi fan)

>I haven't had too many comments (good or bad) about the program this far, and
>I would like to know what you think about the program, and what improvements
>are needed.  Send me a note at rscopper-at-aol-dot-com with your comments and

I fould it via Bert Pool's WWW site.  Given I am a relative novice in this
area (electronics & TC design) I found the program VERY USEFUL .......

	****  MANY THANKS  ****

I used it in combination with "Tesla Coil CAD" by Richard Chapman - the
combination of the two was useful.  Agreement between designs was pretty good.

Nice to have a choice of metric/imperial measurements.

>If I don't receive any comments, I will assume this project should be
>cancelled and the current product is acceptable.

Yes & No ......



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