Wire Insulation Thickness

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Hi Mike,

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> Gary,
>    I have one source of info that says the enamel can handle 450v/mil.  It
> might depend on the manufacturer as to what thickness is available on the
> wire.  
>    I agree with your idea of spacewinding a coil.  It would result in lower
> inductance, but also would greatly reduce the self capacitance of the coil.

It doesn't when the coil is used as a grounded resonator. Measure the 
two types of coil with the same major dimensions and see for yourself. 
This is one area which has gone totally astray in the past.


> This benefit would probably outwiegh the lower self inductance.  

>    It would probably take several cans, but Krylon makes an insulating varnish
> that can handle 2100 volts/mil.  If one were to fill the space from the
> fishing line with it, it would provide a very high volts/turn capability.  I
> ordered cans of this through Grainger for about $4 each if I remember
> correctly.
> Hope this helps,
> Mike Hollingsworth.