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> I still want to get my two toroid system working (with the 33" sitting up
> aways above the 44" toroid) - maybe when I get these other problems resolved
> and the new cap in the system.

Yes, I distinctly remember the configuration and am very interested to hear the

> I did get the primary rebuilt into a flat pancake configuration and am waiting
> for it to quit raining so I can test it.  I have the three new 1.6 ohm 1000
> watt resistors built into a metal stand and they are ready to go.  I haven't
> wired them in yet as I still want to run the coil as is to compare the
> performance of the old vs new primary configuration.
> Ed Sonderman

You would love the weather here (sunny sky's, soggy ground). Let us know if there
is a perfomance change (good or bad) with the new primary. I'm suspecting
performance will not change a great deal either way, but you should be less likely
to overcouple and you will gain top to primary distance. Seems like two very worth
while benefits.