Wire Insulation Thickness

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> I don't think the insulation on enamel coated copper wire is good enough for
> very high powered Tesla Coils.
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> I was thinking it might be a good idea to wind a plastic fishing line
> between the wires on a large coil to increase the insulation rating.  The
> extra spacing should help arcing between turns.

> What do you think? Does this make sence?
> Gary Weaver

 Regarding the spark length vs. voltage; I don't think voltage to spark length is
quite as linear as you were equating (there was a thread on this a few months
ago), but your probably correct about the insulation of the copper magnet wire by
itself inadequate to stop the voltage from arcing between windings. However, most
coils are wound with layers of added "liquid penetrating" insulation (i.e,
varnish, polyurathanes, etc.) thus increasing the voltage handling capabilities.
Winding fishing line along with each winding seems like a very difficult task,
although not at all impossible.