Wire Insulation Thickness

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Subject:  Re: Wire Insulation Thickness

   I have one source of info that says the enamel can handle 450v/mil.  It
might depend on the manufacturer as to what thickness is available on the
   I agree with your idea of spacewinding a coil.  It would result in lower
inductance, but also would greatly reduce the self capacitance of the coil.
This benefit would probably outwiegh the lower self inductance.  
   It would probably take several cans, but Krylon makes an insulating varnish
that can handle 2100 volts/mil.  If one were to fill the space from the
fishing line with it, it would provide a very high volts/turn capability.  I
ordered cans of this through Grainger for about $4 each if I remember
Hope this helps,
Mike Hollingsworth.