HV caps (fwd)

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Sent:  Monday, May 25, 1998 6:40 AM
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Subject:  Re: HV caps (fwd)

   I have the Plastic Capacitors Inc. catalog.  If There is a part number on
these caps, I can tell you what they were intended for and maybe whether or
not they will serve as good TC caps. 
   As a generality,  the first two letters on the part number tell what kind
of cap it is.  A type LJ is meant for DC filtering and limited discharge and
used for X-ray machines.  You would have to consult the factory to get the
current and repetition rate limitations.  
   If they are BNZ or LN type, I want one!  These are RF and high rep. rate
discharge caps and would probably be ideal for TC use.  I hope you have this
type.  I don't see any others that fit the description at this moment.  
   If they have different letters than the ones I listed, they might be custom
made and you would have to contact the company(or try them out) to see if they
will work for you.  Their number is: (773) 489 - 2229.
   I hope this helps.  
Mike Hollingsworth